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Text As Pattern

Unknown Artist Publisher: Normal
Unknown Artist
Publisher: Normal

This image depicts six archways, and inside each archway is an object representing a muslim saint.      (Usually it is more likely to find an image like this one in Pakistani towns rather than in India.)







The image above was found in the book, India’s Popular Culture edited by, Jyotindra Jain.

I immediately was reminded of the patterns that I’ve seen in my art history classes that focus on Islamic art and architecture. There are some archways that are so thick with patterns and calligraphy that the calligraphy becomes an intricate pattern itself. As seen in this Tile from a mihrab in the Metropolitan museum, below.

Metropolitan Museum
Metropolitan Museum










I also found in India’s Popular Culture, a few images of cassette tape covers and CD covers that were designed by artist, Sawar Khan. Khan’s designs have and interesting mixture of media. Collages are built up from photos and illustrations with had drawn type. In some cases he actually includes a pattern within his hand drawn text as seen in Art of Pastiche, Shah Janal Shrine at Lahore. (below) 

Art of Pastiche Shah Janal Shrine at Lahore
Art of Pastiche
Shah Janal Shrine at Lahore
Shah Janal Piece (close up)
Shah Janal Piece (close up)

I would love to find more pieces like this. I think it is very    interesting to put a pattern inside of text. It is a unique way of  thinking about pattern and text. Instead of making the text  become the pattern as seen in the images above.





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