The Pugree is a type of headdress that is very common in India. In Ancient times it was a sign of high stature in the caste system, only the kings could sport a Pugree. Unfortunately for the kings the Brahmins were higher in stature and the kings would have to take off their Pugree and rub the Brahmins feet with the decorated cloth. Over the years the Pugree grew in popularity and soon was worn by the common people and to show respect to those that where high in society¬† one would take off their Pugree and bow. This gesture is a sign of complete surrender and loyalty. In today’s society in Rajasthan the Pugree has many different symbol isms, to wear a Pugree is a sign of respect and to trade Pugree is to show one is going into a relationship. To take off Pugree and hold it to the side means to ask for a favor or a gesture of seeking forgiveness. To lay down ones Pugree is a sign of full surrender and to stomp on ones Pugree is a sign of insult. There are even different colors for the months, holidays, and funerals. While we are in India we should see some white with red ends to symbolize the harvest period. But for the most part many wear Pugree as a form of self expression they come in saffron,pink,red,white and yellow as long with many different patterns and designs.

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    1. In places like the region of Rajasthan Pugree headdress is very common. People who follow the Sikh faith do wear Pugrees, as part of thier religion and to maintain their hair because they practice Kesh.It is more of a traditional type of headdress and worn for special ceremonies in most parts of India, like how we in America would wear special hats for weddings and stuff like that. I’m excited to see the different variations.

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