To shave or not to shave that is the question

In today’s India this has been a growing question in many young people’s lives. In India there has been a culture of men growing out their mustaches to great lengths as a sign of masculinity. This has become a part of Indian tourist culture and with the new age young men are choosing to shave off their facial hair. This is similar to our western culture because if you look back to the early 1800’s-1900’s young men and people of power had extravagant mustaches. Examples would be Teddy Roosevelt, Burt Reynolds, the Hulk, and Yosemite Sam (cartoon) for instance. In both western civilization and Indian culture the current trends are to have a clean shaven look, or a little “sexy” stubble like in the Bollywood movies. Either way young Indian men are giving up their facial hair because times are changing in India and frankly most women like less burly faced men. In my defense while visiting India I hope this trend hasn’t completely caught on, and that I can fit in with the finest of facial hair.