Day 1 & 2 (May 18th-19th) NY-> Dubai-> Delhi!


Our journey began with a long, 14 hr plane ride to Dubai. Long plane rides make for hungry people, and so we were served a few meals.  It started on the plane; this was the first meal in the transition to Indian food.  The first picture in this sketchbook page is dinner on the plane to Dubai. I chose the Masala chicken with rice and red peppers, and a tomato pesto feta salad.  This was also one of the first encounters with masala and I learned later how popular this spice mix was.

The second photo is an illustration of one of the best desserts I have ever had, experienced on the plane ride to Delhi.  It is called Rasmali, which is a cottage cheese dumpling in sweetened reduced milk with pistachio almond flakes.  The ingredients are all pretty similar in color aside from the varying shades of green from the pistachios.  They served an important part in the flavor, and this can be translated into a color scheme for lets say, a painting.  Start with a neutral color pallet and highlight your focal point or the “main idea” with a pop of color.


This is an illustration of a curious object I found in the Dubai airport.  It is a small station dedicated to advertising Turkish coffee.  It utilizes a mannequin whose face is covered in coffee beans and some type of vegetation.  Its odd and eye-catching, and they used the product in a different way to sell the product. It’s a bit of interesting and lovely piece of food art.