Close up of the star pattern in the windows, seen elsewhere in Delhi as well.

Day One: Tour of Government Buildings, lunch at Rajdhani, and a visit to the National Museum

Secretariat Building. The star-like pattern is something seen in other windows or screens in Delhi.

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Jet-lagged and not yet acclimated to the heat, our first day consisted of a quick tour of government buildings, including the India Gate. Some of the patterns seen in the architecture were common in other buildings I would see on the trip, such as the star-like pattern on the Secretariat building that shows up often in windows and screens.

India Gate. Reminded me of L’arc de Triomphe
Beautiful gate in front of Rashtrapati Bhavan, home of the president of India.
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Close up of the star pattern seen in the windows on the Secretariat Building, as well as in other architecture in Delhi

We had delicious Thali vegetarian lunch at the restaurant Rajdhani. We were able to try a variety of foods there. The light fixture also caught my eye as a beautiful example of patterning.





In the afternoon, we went to the National Museum, where I spent most of my time looking at the miniature paintings. I was really attracted to the amount of detail in miniature paintings, and the many patterns. Below is one of my favorite paintings from that day, because it was one of the most intricate paintings and I also loved the colors used. I also looked a bit at the Buddhist sculptures, and there is a sketch of a buddha below as well.

IMG_4814 “Ragini Kakubha of Raga Malkauna” Visual Depiction of an Indian musical mode. Uniara Thikana, Kotah, Rajasthan, circa A.D. 1770
Buddha sculpture from the National Museum
Buddha sculpture from the National Museum