Exploring Chandni Chowk

We began our trip taking a walk to the very recently completed Delhi metro. According to our tour guide, Sarika, the metro has revolutionized the transportation in Delhi. (Forgive the incorrect spelling in the video and make sure to increase the quality of the video in “settings”!)

I’ve made sure to check that Chandni Chowk (meaning moonlit square) resides within New Delhi (according to google it does) but it also encompasses parts of Old Delhi according to the map. Sarika commented that Chandni Chowk is a far cry from what is once was. The┬ádeterioration and removal of the beautiful architecture has transformed the look of the area.

Afterwards we visited the Hindu and Jain temples.

Although it’s not the beauty it once was, Chandni Chowk is still a bustling market with hidden jems. Florists lounge on the opposite side of the temples where flowers are bought for offerings.

florist_market single_florist

It goes by rather quick in the video, but during our visit to the holy rock of shiva we gave a flower offering. The holy rock resides inside this pit adorned with statues, gifts, flowers, fresh pouring water and powder and is frantically attended to at all times.


The ornamentation runs wild within these temples almost to the point that they look gaudy. There are even some decorated foam framing doors in some places. The dolls that represent the deity’s image sparkle with glitter and light up with electric lights. They are worshiped within these walls as a man sits at each deity



During our walk through Old Delhi we settled on a quiet street called “Naughara” or “Nine houses (on the same street)”