Craft Museum and Haus Kaus



Today we visited the craft museum. I snapped some photos of some beautiful woodcarvings. A staff helped guide me around the carvings and explained that they were carved out of one piece of wood. There are repetitive motifs throughout and the elephant head (which are legs for the stool, gorgeous!) shows its head in a similar pose as the Secretariat building.

woodcarving1woodcarving2 woodcarving3 woodcarving4

Different Kings uniforms for Muslim rulers. I noticed I had been paying special attention to clothing throughout the trip.


The staff informed me that this work was made from metal ans used to store wine and beer for Muslim kings.
The floral etching that is being pointed to is called “thewa” work.




The Craft museum also had venders lined up in the back where I bought this palm leaf-sticked eleborate ganesh drawing for roughly 30 dollars. (I probably was ripped off, first time buying anything in India!)



The same day we visited Haus Kaus, which was a stark contrast to the craft museum and vendors. In a high end art gallery I was able to snap a quick photo before they told me no photography. The paintings looked like they didn’t require a lot of technical skill compared to the work at the craft museum. However one could see new and fresh ideas as opposed to repeated tradition. I went over to the clerk and asked on average how much do these paintings go for and she said about 150,000 rupees (roughly $2000-2500)



Another contemporary art gallery had a space that felt very modern with clean white walls and an interesting theme by husband and wife Imran Qureshi and Aisha Khalid. I would describe the pieces as hauntingly beautiful and violently romantic.

imran imran_1 imran_2


Here is the artist taking a traditional craft and transforming it into something innovative. Those are golden pins stuck inside the cloth to create the motif.

pin_rug       pin_rug_back

Some additional photography from Haus Kaus

haus_kaus haus_kaus_1 haus_kaus_2 haus_kaus_3 haus_kaus_4 haus_kaus_5 haus_kaus_6 haus_kaus_7