Day 4 and 5: Old Delhi/National Craft Museum and Hauz Khas

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(Above) Street shots of Old Delhi!  The streets of Old Delhi made for the most interesting landscape I have ever seen.  It was such a chaotic mess, but it was an organized chaotic mess.  Everyone seemed to “have a place”.  The first picture shows how close together the buildings were in an alleyway, the second are all of the markets in an alleyway, and the last is a view of the Delhi street from a rickshaw.  A rickshaw is a passenger cart.



(Above) Taken in a Sikh temple.  This is a kitchen where those who practice the Sikh religion, as well as volunteers who don’t necessarily practice Sikhism, cook food for those in need.  Once the food is finished, anybody who needs it is welcome to eat it.  They are very sweet people.  It was my favorite spot in Old Delhi because it was so welcoming.



DSCN1034(Above)  These photos were taken in an alleyway.  It is called Naugriha, or the Street of 9 Houses.  At the end of the street is a Jain temple.  Previously, only those who practiced Jainism were allowed to live there.  Now there are shops and houses.



(Above) Sketches of Old Delhi.  I am beginning to realize that there is more architectural landscape than natural landscape in Delhi.  The buildings become an art form in themselves.



(Above) Sketches from the National Craft Museum.  On the right page is a carved wooden jharokha (enclosed balcony) from the Palace of Nawab of Radhanpur, North Gujarat.  Radhanpur was a princely state during the British Raj (British rule in India).

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(Above) Streets of Hauz Khas Village.


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(Above) Ruins in Hauz Khas.  Monuments from Feroze Shah Tuqhluq’s reign include tombs and mosques.