Day 5: Craft Museum, & Nature Morte



Today was our trip to the craft museum.  I saw a lot of interesting things including textiles, an old fashioned hair dryer, pottery and kitchen wares.  The picture above is a simplified sketch of an old teapot found in the museum.  It had a very intricate black and gold design on it.  It was a floral pattern with animals such as elephants, tigers, and deer.

BookScanCenter_3 (3)


Another simplified sketch of two more examples of older kitchen wares.  On the left is an 18th century water jug, designed to keep water cool for longer periods of time.  On the right is again, a simplified version of a beautifully designed dinner plate.



We also went to a gallery showing Nature Morte, which is the body of work done by a husband and wife duo.  My favorite piece is the one shown above- I Want You To Stay With Me, by Imran Qureshi.  What really caught my attention was how the piece utilizes it’s environment.  In reference to the title there is something about the red paint dripping down the stairs that makes it seem all the more tragic.  This could greatly influence my work. I love painting but I’ve been thinking about new ways to push my own work.  Thinking about the relationship between a painting and the space it is in could be could lead to some experimental work.