Day Six: Woodcarving Workshop, Hill Hacks Conference

Today was a more laid back day. It was day one of four of our woodcarving workshop, and the afternoon included a trip back up to the mountains to the Hill Hacks technology conference. At the woodworking workshop, I chose the endless knot design, because I loved the complexity of it. We began by tracing the overall design on a block of wood. Holes were drilled on the larger areas that were to be cut out with the jigsaw. After the larger areas where cut off and the basic shape was there, we began carving. The master carver and some of his students helped us by carving one side for us to reference when carving the other side on our own. It was challenging to figure out how to use the tools, and to know which tools should be used.






The Hill Hacks conference was a great opportunity to enjoy the mountains and to talk to other creatives. There computer hackers and people building a telescope, as well as people giving talks. They were from all over the world. It was interesting to be a technology conference with electricity and internet up in the mountains.

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