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Day 9: Mutter Paneer, & Dalai Lama’s Temple

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Color pallet extracted from mutter paneer.  Paneer refers to the cubes of cottage cheese.  Mutter means peas.  The color for the sauce comes from the spice mix. Two of these are turmeric and cumin.

Side note: Dissected into individual colors, I now see these colors are used in the Indian flag IMG_4384

We visited the Dalai Lama’s monastery and temple, and the picture above illustrates what I found.  As I’ve seen over the course of this trip, food plays an important role in religion.  Here we see intricate butter sculptures made by monks, and they were seen all over the temple.  There were sweets and food everywhere as offerings to Buddha as well.  There were also water bowls(7 at a time) because water is important to Buddhism.  They also utilized butter for candles.




I was seeing red string around the wrist and above the elbow everywhere, especially on monks, and I finally found out what it meant.  You receive on of these after attending the Dalai Lama’s teachings because they are blessed.