Day Seven: Workshop, Tibet Museum, Dalai Lama’s temple, and dinner with Tibetan students

Day two of the woodcarving workshop involved a lot of trial and error, and observation. I started to feel a little more comfortable with using the tools, but still needed a lot of help.


In the afternoon we went to the Tibet Museum, which was extremely educational. It laid out the story of the Tibetans to present day in words and pictures, and even showed the pictures of those who have self-immolated. It was a great way to better understand more about what is happening in Tibet.


After the museum, we went to the Dalai Lama’s temple. I didn’t take many pictures there, because it was very crowded with people who were praying and it felt a bit uncomfortable to be treating a place of worship as a tourist site. I did notice how the structures surrounding the temples were built around trees that were growing there.


After the Dalai Lama’s temple, we walked through the mountains on a footpath. It was a beautiful view, and there was a temple and prayer flags everywhere.


When we returned to Norbulingka, we had dinner with the SUNY Purchase students and the Tibetan students. It was a lot of fun to ask each other questions and to get to know each other. One of the students I talked to was a basketball player and a monk. They all had incredible stories about how they left their families behind in Tibet in order to get a better education.