Day 10: Buddhism, Mala beads, and Bitter Kraut


We met with monk Ven Yeshi Gawa to learn about Buddhism and Meditation.  In the notes posted above, you can see that we talked about the origin of Buddhism and the practice.  We also learned wuite a bit about meditation, and to my surprise meditation isn’t actually practiced until much later in a Monk’s life.  What I got out of this session was the idea that you need to respect all living things, and that it is essential to understand other cultures and religion to respect other people.  Everyone is the same.  I like this, and it made me think about what I want to do. Maybe it will be better and “more”, to create art for the benefit of others instead of myself.




During the talk, Ven Yeshi Gawa was holding beads and I knew somewhat about them but wanted to know more, as I’ve been seeing them everywhere. They are called mala beads, and are used in multiple religions.  Traditionally there are 108 beads, and you count them while “collecting” the mantra.





We had a buffet style dinner with the purchase students, and this is one of the dishes that was served. It was confusing at first because it looks like squid and we were all positive that where we were eating served strictly vegetarian dishes.  It is actually a plant, more specifically a root, and tastes nothing like squid.