Day Eight: Workshop, Buddhism/meditation session with a monk, and Tibetan concert

Day three of the workshop consisted of more sketching than carving because I felt stuck. I was at the point where there wasn’t much room for mistakes, because there wasn’t much wood left. When the master carver took my piece to fix it, even he broke it in a couple of places, but when he glued together, it was impossible to tell that it had ever been broken.

clouds  room

In the afternoon, we sat in the gallery above the temple at Norbulingka and talked to a monk about Buddhism. He was very friendly and helpful in answering our questions.

Gallery above temple at Norbulingka
Gallery above temple at Norbulingka



After dinner, we went to a short concert of Tibetan singers and musicians. They sounded beautiful, but I wished I had been able to understand some of the lyrics.