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Day 11, Part 1: Tea time, Nurbulingka, & Tibetan Archives

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Our last day of woodshop.  Tea time is a custom i’ve come to like here. During woodshop around 11 am, we would get a visit from the man who serves everyone tea.  He has been doing this for over 30 years.  Our time here is hsort, but the regular students are here 9-5:30 and break for lunch. They have morning and afternoon tea which consists of chai (maybe masala) served in a metal cup, and a flaky bread that melts in your mouth a bit.  I’m left to assume the importance of tea is passed on from the British.




The picture above is an illustration of an object of worship.  It resides outside the Norling house, and I found it’s brightly colored, scripted rocks and construction interesting and attractive.  One circumambulates and accumulates merit. The symbol at the bottom represents Norbulingka.  Each area has a different symbol.  The sketch to the bottom right is a close up of the stacked rocks found on the object of worship.  I know here they are called Cairns, and the idea of a mini stupa was raised, but I am not sure.



Picture of me sketching the object of worship. A dog found my sketching to be interesting.

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We visited the Tibetan archives after the Kangra Museum.  The Tibetan archives is a collection of Tibetan art and other various cultural artifacts that have been saved and carried over from Tibet after China started to take over.  It was an impressive and interesting collection.  For me it put things into perspective because people are working hard to preserve this culture that is being wiped out and its sad to think how little we hear about it in the United States.  The previous day we visited the Tibetan museum and I was just completely shocked and disgusted by what I was seeing.  I don’t understand how anyone could think it is okay to take over and mistreat people to this level and wipe out an entire culture.  I haven’t thought about the idea of making art that speaks of issues such as this, but this is something that I feel for deeply and have a defined opinion on, so maybe something will come of it.