Day 11, Part 2: Market

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A sketch from lunch today.  This is a bok choy dish, which I’ve extracted the colors from for a complementary color pallet, maybe to be used in later works. It consists of the green bok choy, the creamy white tofu, and the red chilies. The tofu is an ever present substance, just one noticeable difference between the food in Dharamsala vs the food in Delhi.  It’s prominantly vegetarian in this area, whereas in Delhi you find a lot of mutton and chicken.


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We had the chance to roam a market in the streets where people go to buy everyday items.  I thought this was interesting; you can find similar products here as you would in America, but the flavors are some that we’ve never seen like Masala flavored Lay’s. Here i’ve sketched my favorite flavor I saw, and the product is very specific that is is American style cream and onion.



Another product one can find in America but the packaging is different here.  I don’t see the reasoning for this but I’ve noted it.  You have to unwrap it from the foil on the outside and there is another layer on the inside. Same great taste though.  It was 15 rupees and I gave the shop owner 20, and he didn’t really ask me if I wanted change, he gave me a another small chocolate bar instead.



This is a photo of a man weighing produce on his scales.  A lot of people sell their produce right on the sidewalk, laid out on a tarp or blanket.  The woman wasn’t happy with his price based on the scale and they bartered for a while.  Its common here to barter whereas in the U.S. we see a set price and that’s just what it is.


A colorful item seen outside a food shop.  At first it looked like a weird pasta, but upon asking the shop owner I discovered that it is a snack food of some sort.  It is called Sabudana, and they fry it up and eat it like we would chips.  I like the shape and colors of the pieces, and could use the blob forms and bright colors in my future work.

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This is a very quick sketch of a market I saw on top of a building.  Food is sold all over, and it doesnt seem like they have many one stop shops like we do.  You have to go one place for vegetables, another for spices and rice, and so on.  They arent limited to buildings either; we’ve seen people selling food on the sidewalk, at the top of a waterfall, and as shown here, in a produce market at the top of a building.