Day Nine: Workshop, Kangra Art Museum, Tibetan Archives, Kotwali Bazaar

Today was the last day of the woodcarving workshop. When I came in, the master carver had had my piece all glued back together and ready to be sanded and stained. After staining, we had to let them sit in the sun, and then add another coat. They dried quickly and we were able to take them with us.




In the afternoon we visited the Kangra Art Museum, where I studied the pattern in more miniature paintings and some textiles. I noticed the patterns in the trees and plants of the miniature paintings and focused on those this time.





We weren’t allowed to take photos in the Tibetan Archives, but the outside had many patterns and colors similar to the other Tibetan buildings we’d been seeing: flowers, bright reds, yellows, greens, and blues. Inside were paintings and sculptures brought from Tibet, including important Buddhas and teachers.


After the museums, we spent some time in Kotwali Bazaar, talking to shop owners and buying scarves, saris, food, and clothing.