Day 15, Part 2: Saket Mall & Khoj






A picture from our lunch spot of choice in Saket Mall.  It is interesting to see the items you can get at this Burger King, vs what you can get in America. Clearly this is catered to Indian taste, as there is no beef or pork out of respect for sacred animals in religion.  However, there is a mutton burger! I stuck to something more familiar and opted for a chicken sandwich.
IMG_4380 IMG_4381

Storefront of a coffee & tea shop. Similar to what we see here but they serve pastries more commonly found in India. This mall has a lot of high-end stores, and it’s also interesting to see what restaurants are here and other shops and the people that come here.

Our last stop in the mall was to some place we all know in America- Krispy Kreme.  I found it humorous because I had never had Krispy Kreme and I guess it took a trip to India for me to try it.

BookScanCenter_5 - CopyOur last activity for the day was to visit Khoj, located in the Khirki Extension.  We just walked across the street from the mall, but the contrast was shocking.  On one side you have a nice mall with a bunch of high end stores and just across the street you have one of the poorest areas we’ve seen yet.

Khoj was one of my favorite places in Delhi.  Here we met a bunt of resident artists in a place made for artists, by artists.  Its a good idea.  They do a lot of things like teach, gallery showings, work with the neighborhood, and some ecology work as well dealing with art and food, and where food can be grown, etc.

This was good for me to see because I never really considered artist residencies, and now I’m very interested in applying.