Qutub Minar mosque and Khoj

The Qutab Minar mosque was an interesting collage of Muslim, Jain and Hindu materials. The mosque was created from Hindu and Jain temples that were destroyed and pillaged. In order to go according to Islam, the decorative sculpted gods on pillars were disfigured and defaced.

Collage of pillars:

collaged pillars

Defaced Ganesh:


Defaced erotic sculpture from Jain temple:


Islamic ornamentation:



Then we visited Khoj, a place with an unsure definition of itself that housed contemporary artists. During the time we were there an artist retreat was happening where artists came to reside in the workshop and develop their ideas

Khoj started out as a small contemporary art organization with ambition and big ideas. It’s goals include to create a space for contemporary modern art that explores non-traditional mediums. It is also working to become a public resource for researching contemporary art.

It’s projects and interests include:

-Foreigners brainstorming with local artists

-Ecology/sustainable urbanizisms

-Art and Gaming

-Education/policy making games



-Card games (roles of democracy)

Cry out loud- Social activism project involving race relations between India and Africa

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