Sketches done in Dharamsala (May 23 – 30)

Below are the sketches that were done during the time spent in Dharamsala.  We were in Dharamsala from May 23rd until May 30th.  The sketches I completed are of landscapes that were most interesting to me, especially if I drew or photographed the scene.  These sketches are in a post separate from the photos taken that day.  All of these sketches were drawn from life, however the color was added later from a photograph.




(Above) On May 24th (Sunday) we visited Gyuto Monastery in Dharamsala.  It was created in 1474.  Because of the crisis occurring in Tibet, refugee monks escaped to Dharamsala.  Today the monastery serves as a place of worship and school for monks.



(Above)  Bhagsu Waterfall in Dharamsala

DSCN1324 DSCN1325

(Above) May 25th Hill Hacks Conference



(Above) Transfer paper and outline for Tibetan woodcarving.







(Above) The image on the left is the postcard in my room in Norbulingka.  The animal on the postcard represents the animal of the room we stayed in, tiger.  In Tibetan culture, the tiger represents confidence, awareness, kindness and modesty.  The image on the right is a sketch from the nature trail our tour guide took us on in McLeod Ganj on May 26th.