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Day 16: National Gallery of Modern Art, & Home!




On our last day we visited the National Gallery of Modern Art.  There was a mix of work with various styles and subjects, and I spent a lot of time downstairs in the gallery showing a large collection of work by one artist: Amrita Sher-Gil.  I honestly enjoyed all her work but chose to sketch her still life which is close enough to food art.  She uses blocks of color to define shape and puts and emphasis on form. She portrays everyday life in most of her paintings, and has a number of nude figure paintings.

Group Photos - 25 of 25

Outside was a really amazing sculpture by Subogh Gupta.  He also painted Three Cows, 2003, which I really enjoyed.  It is a sculpture of a Banyan tree, which is the national tree of India. It’s more than that though. It represents Hindu philosophy and the idea of reincarnation, and your roots returning back to the earth.  We’ve been seeing these amazing trees all over during our trip, and it as interesting to see it in a different form.


First meal back in America.  We ate vegetarian most of the trip, and were constantly saying we wanted a cold beer at the end of the long hot day.  Of course, omst of us couldnt because of the drinking age in India.  So when I returned to the states, the first thing I had was a burger and a beer.