Final Days in Delhi (June 1 – June 2)

(Above) Jantar Mantar consists of astronomical instruments.  Building begain in the 1700’s and continued on.

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(Above) Qutb Minar, made of red sandstone, erected during the beginning of Muslim rule in India.  The mosques contain Hindu religious imagery because the shafts were taken from then 27 Hindu temples.


(Above) Outside the National Gallery of Modern Art.

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(Above) The Gandhi museum.  This was the location where Gandhi was assassinated in 1948.


(Above) Sketch from Jantar Mantar.  The instrument is called the Ram Yantras.  It measures the horizontal and vertical angles of celestial bodies, such as the sun and the moon.  It is counted amongst Jai Singh’s medium precision instruments.  It is cylindrical, consisting of two large buildings open to the sky.  The buildings are complementary to each other and they each comprise of a circular wall surrounding a central pillar.